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  Would you like to be one of Nomkhubulwane's hosts?

Nomkhubulwane is especially well suited to catalyse conversation about conservation, recycling, sustainability, migration, social degradation and the protection of wild places.

As a local host, you are encouraged to use Nomkhubulwane's visit to create momentum and interest around any topical issues whether these pertain to your specific environment or the world at large. You may have or want to start a project and require a forum from within which to unpack the issues and opportunities using the input of the HEF team and others in the symbolic presence of the wise, experienced and connected Nomkhubulwane.

The only limit is your imagination.

Nomkhubulwane’s dimensions:
Weight: 1.3 tons Height: 3.07 m
Length: 5.57 m Width: 1.9 m

Materials used:
Recycled rubber tyre strips woven onto a steel armature. She can be used indoors or outdoors.

Installation and Transport:
Local host sites must unload and install the elephant once she arrives at their location. She can be moved by being strapped on her pallet and lifted by crane onto an open flatbed truck, or by forklift with a 1.5 ton capacity. We are investigating the building of a permanent trailer upon which she may be housed. This will greatly simplify matters.

Picture: Nomkhubulwane   Photogragher: Derrick Dreyer

Each local site will be responsible for local transport and installation, insurance and a modest rental fee to help cover administration and sustainability costs.

If you are interested in being a host, please contact John Charter of The Human Elephant Foundation at.
john@blackegret.co.za or on 0837757626.

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