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The travelling elephant “NANABI” comes
to Juárez

Nomkhubulwane shows itself in City Juárez

This morning dozens of preschool and primary school pupils gathered at Central Park to welcome the elephant "Nanabí" , and to follow it to the parking lot of Plaza Juarez Mall, where it will be displayed until March 11.

Veronica Lozano, CEO of Community Centers of Ciudad Juarez said that Nanabí, the lifesize elephant artwork made from recycled materials, was created to raise global awareness of the need to protect our planet.

Pollution, depleted water resources, and the excessive logging of trees is causing untold damage to the earth. We must make a real effort to stop the damage – so start to recycle, do not throw oil down the drain, close the tap while brushing your teeth, and make an effort to learn about ecology so that you know how to take action.
Veronica then invited parents to visit the exhibition of Nanabi, and to bring their children to workshops to learn more about ecology. These will be held at the Convention Center Paso del Norte.

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