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Two days after arriving to Ciudad Juarez, Nanabí, Mrs. Elephant, has already received thousands of visits from children at the mall parking lot Plaza Juarez Mall

Accompanied by their parents and schoolteachers, they visited the sculpture of the elephant which is in Jaurez to promote a message of the need to care for the environment and the earth’s natural resources.

The work of Andries Botha, the internationally acclaimed South African artist, the artwork has been displayed at the main entrance of the mall since last Wednesday, and the organisers have also arranged for visiting children to participate in various activities related to the message the elephant carries.

After viewing the elephant, children are invited to tables, where they can enjoy the stories told, by a storyteller of the Directorate of Municipal Public Library, Lottery Ecological Directorate of Urban Development and Ecology State Government and others.

Other agencies working with the event will include Art in the Park, the Municipal Board of Water and Environment, with its program of Water Culture; Boy Scouts, Chihuahua Institute of Culture, other civil associations and several local companies.

Nanabí will be displayed in Plaza Juarez Mall until Sunday 28 February, also with similar activities between 10am and 4pm in the afternoon and according to demand and interest of the small display in the Lady Elephanta.

Starting Monday March 1st, the elephant will go to the esplanade of the Centro Cultural Paso del Norte, where in addition to games and activities, visitors can enjoy a series of talks and lectures by experts on the topic of global warming and conservation.

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